EPA to Hold Hearings on New Carbon Emissions Rules

EPA-300The Environmental Protection Agency will hold four public hearings on the latest carbon emissions rules throughout the country.  The hearings will be held in Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.  The hearings are considered opportunities for interested parties to present data, views, or arguments concerning the proposed action.  It’s not clear what concerns would actually prompt the Obama Administration to reverse course, however many of those that oppose the new rules feel the Administration is simply going through the process as required by law, without any intention to adjust the rules.  Moffat County Commissioner John Kinkaid is attempting to get the Denver hearing moved to Moffat County.  He says it makes more sense to hold the hearings in areas actually being affected by the new rules.  The hearing won’t likely be moved, but Kinkaid says it doesn’t hurt to ask.  The dates and specific locations of the meetings are still to be determined.

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