EPA Delays Finalizing Climate Control Rules

EPA-300The Environmental Protection Agency is delaying climate regulations for power plants to “better consider input on them and better align the major pieces of the regulations.” The agency is now planning to finalize rules for newly built plants, existing plants, and modified plants all at once. That should come this summer. The EPA says there are “cross-cutting topics that affect the standards for new sources, for modified sources and for existing sources.” The say they need to consider the overlapping issues in a coordinated fashion. That “one-size-doesn’t-fit-all” position is one Republicans have been pushing ever since the changes were introduced. Republicans, some Democrats, energy companies and many other businesses have fought the plan tooth and nail, saying it would cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of jobs while devastating industries that rely on fossil fuels. The delay will also give the EPA extra time to continue reviewing the more than 4 million comments they’ve received on the proposals.

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