Entrance and Camping Fees Going Up at Dinosaur

Dinosaur-National-Monument-Dinosaur National Monument will increase its entrance and camping fees on January 1st in order to help fund maintenance and improvement projects within the monument. The monument’s entrance and camping fees were last increased in 1997. The increase is consistent with fees at National Park Service sites throughout the country, including many in Utah and Colorado. Last fall, the National Park Service conducted a review of entrance fees. During the public comment period, the park received eight formal comments. They also posted information about the proposed fee change on the monument’s social media sites and monitored the comments they received through those outlets. The majority of comments supported an increase as long as funds were used to improve facilities and services at the monument. Entrance fees will be doubled, but most camping fees in the monument won’t see much of an increase. You can see the entire fee schedule by clicking the link below.

Press Release with Fee Schedules

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