UPDATE: Emailer Threatens To Bomb Wyoming Into Dust

wyoming-flag-graphicThe Wyoming Department of Homeland Security received an anonymous email yesterday claiming that bombs had been placed throughout Wyoming in state facilities, schools, and at the Cheyenne Regional Airport. The email stated that 50 pipe bombs had been placed in official buildings in Cheyenne and 600 had been hidden in government buildings throughout the state. The email also claimed that explosives had been placed at the Cheyenne Regional Airport and at 40 Wyoming Schools, and that a number of schools had their sprinkler systems filled with Napalm. The sender also claimed to have placed a weapon of mass destruction in one of the most populated areas in Wyoming. The email proclaimed that Wyoming would be “turned to dust.” Wild West Radio spoke with a Department of Homeland Security representative this morning.  As of 10:30, no evidence had been gathered to deem the threat credible.  According to the Wyoming Department of Homeland Security multiple states received emails of this nature yesterday.

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