Elected Officials Respond To Cancellation Of Oil & Gas Leases

oil-and-gas-drilling-300An announcement was made earlier this week that Secretary of the interior Sally Jewell, Bureau of Land Management Director Neil Kornze and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, have agreed to cancel 25 oil and gas leases on the Roan Plateau on the Thompson Divide, located in the White River National Forest. The news of the cancellations has been met with mixed reviews from elected officials from Northwest Colorado.  US Senator Michael Bennet says the decision is a critical last step towards finalizing the Roan Plateau settlement, and that the agreement is a good example of Coloradans working together to strike a balance between natural resource conservation, and energy development. Other elected officials had a very different view of the decision.  Congressman Scott Tipton says the cancellation of the leases is another example of the Obama administrations false assertion that energy development has to come at the expense of preservation. Tipton says that the decision is unacceptable and it will be important to keep all energy resources as a viable option to fuel our economy in the future.  Moffat County Commissioners John Kinkaid and Chuck Grobe both said they were disappointed by the decision to cancel the leases. Grobe said that the decision was completely partisan, and failed to take the local economies, that would be most affected by the cancellations, into account.  Grobe said that he would not be surprised if the decision to cancel the leases was revisited in the future.

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