Effort Underway to Restrict Medical Marijuana Caregivers

MARIJUANA-300An effort is underway to more strictly limit the amount of patients a Medical Marijuana provider can have. The rules now allow caregivers to have 10 patients, but those caregivers can apply for a waiver to serve more. The new rules would eliminate that waiver process. Medical marijuana providers say the proposed regulations would force them to pick and choose which patients would benefit from their product. There are strains of marijuana that are rich in the compound CBD, which has been proven to help prevent epileptic seizures, and are very low in THC, the chemical that provides marijuana users with a high. Some providers deal exclusively in those CBD rich strains. Their patient lists could be dramatically cut if the rules being proposed by the state health department pass. While the health department says those patients that are dropped by their caregivers, can always find a new provider, but marijuana providers say there aren’t enough stores that deal in CBD rich product.

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