Should Economic Development Entities Combine?

Moffat County Commissioner Frank Moe read a letter into the record at the Moffat County Commissioners meeting this week, supporting combining the Local Marketing District and the Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership into one entity. In the letter Moe says that our community will no longer be able to cut our way into economic prosperity and vitality so economic development is crucial. As recent survey results show, improving the local economy by expanding tourism and facilitating economic development and diversification is the top priority for the people Moffat County. According to Moe, improving the local economy will require a sense of urgency and a duty of collaboration, as well as an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all of the key players. Combining the LMD and CMEDP will help to clarify their rolls concerning economic diversification in the area. Merging the entities will also allow the groups to combine their limited financial resources to better achieve the desired stabilization and growth of our economy.  In the letter, Moe asks that the CMEDP and LMD present a plan by December 6th to the City of Craig, Town of Dinosaur and Moffat County Commissioners, specifying how the groups could combine . A copy of Moe’s letter is available here. 


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