Earnings And Education Contributing To Poverty?

Moffat County United Way recently completed a community assessment which looked at factors that may be affecting those in the county living below the poverty line. The assessment found the county had an average unemployment rate of 5.5% and that unemployment has actually decreased .7% over the last year. Between 2013 and 2017, the unemployment  rate in the county fell by nearly 4.5%. While the unemployment numbers are good, average earnings in Moffat County are far below the national average, with an average per capita income of less than $25 thousand, more than $4,000 below the national average. The low average earnings may be a reflection of the education level in the county, which is also below the national average. The assessment determined that between 2011 and 2015, almost 10% of county adults had not completed high school, while 40% had a high school diploma or equivalent. This compared to only 23% of the county residents who have a higher education degree. The assessment found 11% of kids 16 and under lack literacy, and that only 21% of students were meeting or exceeding English requirements. This is only slightly higher than the 12% of students meeting or exceeding expectations in math and the 15% of students which are doing so in science. Tomorrow, Wild West Radio will look at results from the survey concerning transportation, housing and healthcare.

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