Earn $20 For Each Pike You Catch

pikeTo help eliminate northern pike from the Green Mountain Reservoir near Silverthorne, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is now offering $20 for each pike that is caught and removed from the lake. To participate in the program anglers must bring the northern pike they catch to Heeney Marina along with their driver’s and fishing licenses. Anglers will be able to keep the bodies of the fish, while CPW will keep the heads for analysis. If you do not want to keep the body of the fish, you can keep the $20 and donate the fish to the marina. This program is intended to provide incentive to anglers in the area to participate directly in removing these non native predators from the reservoir.  In Western Colorado waters, there are no limits on northern pike or small mouth bass unless otherwise specified. For more information on the program contact CPW’s Hot Sulphur Springs office at (970)725-6200, or call Heeney Marina at (970)724-9441.

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