Drunk Drivers May Run Out Of Luck This Weekend

The Colorado State Patrol and local law enforcement officers will be out in full force over this St. Patrick’s Day weekend looking for drunk or impaired drivers. They will be conducting saturation patrols around the events and parties planned near in Northwest Colorado, in an effort to remove as many intoxicated drivers from the roads as possible. In calendar year 2016, the Northwest Colorado State Patrol office investigated 53 crashes related to impaired driving, 5 of which involved a death. If you see someone you believe is driving drunk dial Star-C-S-P.  The Wyoming Highway Patrol is also partnering with local law enforcement this St. Patrick’s Day weekend to remove as many intoxicated drivers from the roads as possible. They will be conducting increased DUI enforcement throughout the entire weekend. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the largest drinking holidays in the United States when many drivers hit the road under the influence, resulting in dangerous driving conditions. Planning a sober ride home before the party begins is the first step in staying safe on St. Patrick’s Day.  Along with the enhanced enforcement effort, Wyoming police urge residents to report people they believe are driving drunk by calling the Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately hotline number 1-800-442-9090.

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