Don’t Leave Cars On The Side Of The Road

The Colorado Department of Transportation is reminding those planning on recreating in the backcountry to be cautious when leaving their vehicle parked on the side of a roadway. Anyone leaving a vehicle unattended on the side of the road must do so in an approved an area, if not, they are risking having their vehicle towed. Backcountry users should park only in clearly marked and designated parking areas, typically found at the summit of mountain passes and at some trail heads. Some areas along the highway appear to provide ample room to park, but those who park in unauthorized locations risk having their car trapped by plowed snow, or having their vehicle struck by a plow. Additional information on Colorado highway parking restrictions is available below.

OBEY THE LAW: Backcountry users are also advised that when leaving vehicles on the shoulder of the road, they are at risk of breaking the law, being fined and their vehicle being towed away. Owners who leave vehicles unattended parked on the side of the road are at risk of obstructing the operations of heavy equipment and breaking the law.

2016 Colorado Revised Statutes

Title 42. Vehicles and Traffic

Article 4. Regulation of Vehicles and Traffic

Part 18. Vehicles Abandoned on Public Property

§ 42-4-1803. Abandonment of motor vehicles – public property

(2) Whenever any… (law enforcement) …. or agency employee finds a motor vehicle… attended or unattended, standing upon any portion of a highway right-of-way in such a manner as to constitute an obstruction to traffic or proper highway maintenance, such officer or agency employee is authorized to cause the motor vehicle, vehicle, cargo, or debris to be moved to eliminate any such obstruction…

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