Don’t Leave Behind Fishing Line

Following the discovery of a dead Osprey in the Routt National Forest that was entangled in fishing line, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding anglers that fishing line can be dangerous when it’s left by a lake or river. Fisherman should never discard fishing line, hooks or bait, as it can be extremely dangerous to wildlife. Every year throughout the state, CPW receives multiple reports of birds that have been ensnared by discarded fishing line. Anglers are also causing issues when they clean their catch next to the water, leaving the guts of the fish on the bank. Leaving the entrails of a fish on the bank of a river or lake may attract bears and other wildlife to the area. Fish should be cleaned well away from a lake or river with the entrails disposed of in a dumpster or garbage can. Pictured above, the talons of the dead osprey that were entangled in fishing life. Photo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, click to enlarge

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