Dinosaur Seeks Input on Fee Changes

Dinosaur-National-Monument-Dinosaur National Monument and other National Park Service (NPS) units that collect entrance fees have begun public outreach to gauge support for possible changes to the fee rates. While proposed fee changes are not scheduled to take effect at the monument until 2016, the public process for discussing the potential changes begins now. Dinosaur last increased its entrance fees in 1998 when fees increased from $5 to $10 per private vehicle. Beginning in 2015, National Park Service sites are authorized to change recreation fees to align with the NPS’s new standard entrance-fee schedule, which was last updated in 2006. Sites may only do so, after actively engaging the public about proposed fee changes and their effects. Decisions to adjust fees will be made locally after considering community feedback from public outreach.

The monument is proposing the following changes to campground fee rates:
Green River Campground: an increase from $12 to $18 per site, per night; $9 per site, per night for valid Senior and Access Pass holders,
Split Mountain Group Campground: an increase from $25 to $40 per site, per night. Group size is 9 to 25 people. In the off season when Split Mountain Campground is open to all campers on a first come, first served basis, and no water is available, a base fee of $6 per site per night will be charged,
Gates of Lodore and Echo Park Campgrounds: an increase from $8 per site, per night to $10 per site per night; $5 per site per night for valid Senior and Access Pass holders,
Deerlodge Park Campground: an increase from $8 to $10 per site per night with a 50% discount for valid senior and access pass holders, making it also $5 per site, per night. Additionally, each large group will be required to pay$1 per each additional person above the 8 people covered by the base rate. The maximum group size for sites at Deerlodge is 25 people. This change is being proposed for Deerlodge, because there are no group sites available, yet it is often used by multiple large groups preparing to launch on the Yampa River.  Larger groups use more water and increase the cost of maintaining facilities.
Rainbow Park Campground: From $0 to $6 per site, per night; $3 per site, per night for valid Senior and Access Pass holders.
To provide feedback about the proposed fee schedule, you can send written comments to:
Dinosaur National Monument, Fee Program
PO Box 128
Jensen, UT 84035
Email comments can be sent to DINO_Fees@nps.gov with “proposed fee rates” in the subject line by December 15, 2014. You can also go to the PEPC website http://parkplanning.nps.gov/dinofeeproposal to find out more information and submit your comments. Feedback the monument receives will help determine how and when a fee increase may be implemented.

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