Democrats Call On Baumgardner To Resign

Democrats in the Colorado Senate have released a joint statement calling for the resignation of State Senator Randy Baumgardner. Baumgardner has been accused by multiple parties of sexual harassment, which he has denied. However, one of those accusations, where Baumgardner is said to have grabbed the rear end of a legislative intern while she was working at the Capitol, was recently deemed to be credible by a third-party investigator. In the statement, the Democrats call on Senate President Kevin Grantham to stop delaying action on whether to punish Baumgardner, saying, the “victims and the public at large deserve swift, deliberative and transparent action in response to these allegations.” The Democrats say Grantham delaying the punishment process has led to them to call on Senator Baumgardner to resign. They also believe that while this situation is being resolved, Baumgardner should be stripped of his committee chairmanships. Baumgardner is currently the chair of Capitol Development and Transportation committees and is vice chair of the Agriculture Natural Resources and Energy Committee.

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