Craig Station Unit One To Close By End Of 2025

Craig_StationTri-State Generation and members of the Yampa Project announced this week that they will be shutting down the Nucla Station and Craig Station Unit 1 over the next decade, as part of an agreement with the Colorado Department Of Public Health and other groups including the EPA and the Wild Earth Guardians. According to the public health department, shutting down these coal fired power plants will remove millions of tons of air pollution per year. The 100 megawatt Nucla Station that is owned and operated by Tri-State will be closed down by the end of 2022. Along with the power plant, the Horizon Mine, also owned by Tri-State, and supplies coal to the Nucla Station, will also close. Craig Station Unit 1 will be shut down by the beginning of 2026. Units 2 and 3 at the Craig Station will not be affected by this agreement. Craig Station Unit 1, is owned by a group of 5 companies known as the Yampa Project, which include Tri-State and Xcel Energy. The closures of the Nucla Sation and Craig Station Unit 1 are expected to eliminate 4 million tons of CO2 emissions a year, or close to 10% of the entire emissions from coal fired power plants in Colorado. It will also eliminate jobs in Craig and Nucla. The number of employees that will be effected at the Craig Station are not available but it’s possible the 83 people now employed at the Nucla Station and the Horizon Mine will lose their jobs. There is hope that the extended time line for the closures will allow displaced workers to find other work. Mike McInnes CEO of Tri State said in a statement that the company is part of these rural communities and he understand the retirement of these units will affect employees, their families, communities and their very way of life. He also said that Tri-State feels a strong responsibility to provide ample time for their employees and the communities involved to plan for the upcoming changes, which hopefully this agreement will allow.

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