Craig Police Warn Residents to Leave Nothing Valuable in Cars Over Night

CRAIG-POLICE-BADGE-300Craig Police are reminding citizens that although making sure you’re vehicle is locked when not attended is important for deterring thieves, removing valuable effects from the vehicle is critical. Recently, during a rash of vehicle break-ins, the department warned citizens to lock their vehicles to prevent theft, but many cars are still being left unlocked over night. In several instances the cars were locked and forcefully entered. Police say locked or unlocked, it is a poor practice to leave valuables in vehicles that draw the attention of criminals. They stress that one of their biggest concerns is weapons. There have been several instances where guns were left in the vehicles and stolen. This places those weapons into the hands of subjects who have shown by their actions that they are criminals. Police say locking your vehicle is a common sense practice, but more important is NOT leaving valuable items in your car or truck, especially weapons. Should you note anyone suspicious in your neighborhood, day or night, call local law enforcement and report it immediately.

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