Craig Men Arrested For Armed Robbery

armedrobbery1Three Craig men were arrested Wednesday night following an armed robbery at a gas station in Steamboat.  Brothers 19 year old Taylor Martinez and 21 year old Joel Martinez are suspected of using a knife to commit the robbery, at the Loaf N’ Jug gas Station on Mount Warner Road, just before midnight.  A third man 18 year old Coltin Saulnier was also taken into custody on suspicion of robbery after he was found with the two brothers in a vehicle.  The three men were pulled over in an unrelated incident after they were spotted speeding on Lincoln Avenue Wednesday night.  The officer who pulled them over identified the Martinez brothers as potential suspects in the robbery as their clothes matched those worn by the robbers plus Taylor Martinez was carrying a knife fitting the description of one used in the robbery.  All three were booked into the Routt County Jail.  Pictured below (left to right) Joel Martinez, Coltin Saulnier, Taylor Martinez.

joel-marintez coltin-saulnier taylor-martinez

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