CPW Could Increase Fees By 50%

A bill, which is currently working its way through the Colorado State Legislature, looks to establish a stable and sustainable funding source for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. As an agency, CPW gets very little money from the states general fund, with the majority of their funding coming from revenues generated from hunting, fishing and other park activities.  However, CPW has not been able to adjust these fees to account for the rising costs associated with park and wildlife management. As park visitation continues to rise, park and license fees that were set by the State Legislature in 2005, increasingly fall short of covering the growing costs. The limited revenue has resulted in CPW cutting more than $40 million from its budget and has lead to them postponing maintenance work on over 100 dams in Colorado. If passed, the bill would allow CPW to increase individual park fees along with state hunting and fishing licenses fees by no more than 50 percent. It would also allow the agency to increase hunter license application fees, and institute Aquatic Nuisance Species watercraft sticker fees for boaters in the state. CPW estimates they will need more than $14 million in additional revenue by 2023, simply to maintain current wildlife and park management levels. For additional information on the bill, click here.

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