CPW To Begin Euthanizing Bears And Cougars

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will begin tracking and euthanizing cougars and bears in specific areas of the Piceance Basin, to better determine their effect on the Mule Deer population. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission unanimously decided to move foreword with the Piceance Basin and Upper Arkansas River Predator Control Plans at a meeting Wednesday. The Mule deer population has been on the decline recently in Colorado so the CPW is attempting to determine the reasons for the falling numbers.  As part of the predator Control Plan, the CPW will remove cougars and bears from a specific area in the Piceance Basin, and will compare the Mule Deer population from that area, to an area where predators were not removed. This will help determine the amount of fawns killed by predators before they are able to fully mature.  For additional information on the Predator Control Plan in the Piceance basin, including a map with the proposed areas affected click here. 

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