Conservation Amendment Fails in Senate by One Vote

MICHAEL-BENNETgardnerYesterday, an amendment received 59 votes in the United States Senate, sending a clear signal that the Senate supports a permanent re-authorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). While the amendment needed 60 votes in order to meet a procedural hurdle, lawmakers say the vote proves that a bipartisan majority of the Senate supports the LWCF. Both Colorado Senators, Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner voted in favor of the amendment. In a press release, Gardner said “The Land and Water Conservation Fund is a critical tool used to protect some of our nation’s most cherished lands, and it’s supported by a responsible fiscal partnership between the federal government and private enterprise.” Bennet said, “While we’re disappointed the amendment did not pass, the vote signals that there is strong support for conservation policies like LWCF to help preserve the country’s landscapes for future generations.” Rather than using taxpayer money, LWCF receives a small portion – $900 million each year – of the billions of dollars in annual oil and gas royalties gained from exploration on federally owned land and water and does not add to the nation’s debt.  Pictured:  left-Michael Bennet; right-Cory Gardner

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