Connect for Health Raises Taxes on Exchange Users

HEALTH-SYMBOL-300Yesterday morning, the Connect for Health Colorado Board of Directors voted for a $13 million increase in taxes for those insured under the Colorado health exchange to help the exchange make up for a budget deficit. Upon hearing the result of the vote, Congressman Cory Gardner (CO-04) sent a letter to exchange CEO Patty Fontneau asking for the reason for the tax increase.  The vote took place just weeks after Fontneau received a $14,000 bonus for 2013 in addition to a 2.5 percent raise from her previous annual salary of $195,300. Last December, Congressman Gardner introduced legislation to prevent state exchange executives from collecting bonuses and pay increases from federal funds designated for the establishment of a state exchange.  Gardner released a statement yesterday, which said in part, ““Hardworking Coloradans are already paying too much for insurance under the President’s healthcare law. And yet, they are now feeling the pain of another cost increase from Connect for Health Colorado due to a budget shortage.”  Gardner says instead of raising taxes, the exchange should find cost cutting measures within their $66 million budget.


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