Plan For Moffat County Economy

economyThe 13 Ways To Kill Your Community presentation, and the economic assessment preformed by the group Better City, have provided many ideas on how Moffat County can grow its economy. In addition to concrete examples like revitalizing the downtown area of Craig, strengthening recreation, utilizing the uniqueness of Dinosaur National Park, and increasing manufacturing, one of the main suggestions revolves around removing the “silo thinking” that is prevalent in our area. Silo thinking occurs when departments or groups within an organization or municipality do not actively share information or knowledge. According to Moffat County Commissioner Frank Moe “silo thinking” is the most notable concern. Moe says that everyone in the area seems to be overly focused on how issues affect them specifically, which is understandable, but the community needs to realize that individual and business success often depends on the state of the entire community. Moffat County and the City of Craig are reviewing the suggestions and are expected to put together a plan for economic improvement in the near future.

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