HEALTH-SYMBOL-300The Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed a bill Wednesday to establish a commission that will study health care cost drivers in Colorado and provide solutions for lowering costs.  The Colorado Center on Law and Policy has taken a leading role in developing the bill, SB-187, in order to address what they call a troubling trend of skyrocketing health care costs.  The commission is hopeful it will be able to identify the factors that are driving up health care costs, and bring evidence-based solutions to the legislature in the future.  SB-187 gained bipartisan support among the committee after testimony from consumer advocates, business leaders, health care providers, and insurance representatives emphasized that the rising cost of care is the single greatest challenge now facing the healthcare marketplace. The Colorado Hospital Association stood out as the lone major stakeholder that did not support the initiative, instead stating that it is monitoring the bill.  The bill now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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