Commissioners Vent Concerns Over Clean Power Plan

EPA-300The Moffat County Commissioners have finalized letters they’re sending to Governor Hickenlooper and the Environmental Protection Agency. The first letter is being sent by the Independence Institute, a Denver think tank. The letter urges the governor to consider the costs the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will have on the state. It focuses mostly on the bad science used by the EPA, the lack of consideration that was given to local economies, and the hit it will take on those economies. That letter was signed by the Moffat County Commissioners. However, the commissioners felt that more needed to be said regarding specific issues of Moffat County. So the commissioners came up with their own letter that will be sent to the governor and the EPA. Both letters can be found in their entirety below.

Letter to Governor-EPA from MC Commissioners

Letter to Gov John Hickenlooper from Independence Institute

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