Commissioners Refuse to Sign Ordinance

MC Commissioners-150The Moffat County Commissioners, yesterday, refused to sign off on a nuisance ordinance for the Blue Mountain Community. Blue Mountain is just east of Dinosaur, off of Highway 40. There are less than a dozen homes in the community, and a few of the residents showed up to yesterday’s commissioners meeting to complain about a neighbor. The groups spokesman, Jeff Devere, says Troy Zufelt is constantly using firearms from his front porch, and disturbing neighbors by riding his 4-wheeler in the area. The biggest complaint was about the exploding tannerite targets he used. They said the explosions were dangerous to those working with their livestock. Sheriff Tim Jantz spoke at the meeting, and said he would no longer send deputies out to Zufelt’s place based on noise complaints, because there was no noise ordinance in place, and the neighbors were using his office as a form of harassment against the man. He said Zufelt was in total compliance with the law. Zufelt was also in attendance. He and a supporting neighbor said the entire conflict is based on hard feelings by just a few neighbors. After the entire group was chastised by Commissioner Tom Mathers for not being able to work out their problems on their own, the neighbors agreed that they could live with all noise aspects except the exploding targets. Zufelt agreed to halt his use of those targets on his property.

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