Commissioners Look To Retain Property Tax

moffat-county-commissionersWith the expectation that property values could increase across Moffat County in the future the Moffat County Commissioners voted yesterday at their weekly meeting to approve a proposal for the 2016 ballot that would allow the county to retain all revenue collected from property taxes beginning next year. In 1996, voters in Moffat County approved a measure that allowed the county to collect, keep and spend all revenues collected from  taxes. The vote complied with the Colorado Tax Payer Bill of rights or TABOR, which prohibits the state’s and local governments from increasing taxes without the approval of voters, and also requires voters to approve government spending of funds generated from taxes that exceed a certain rate of growth. If the public does not approve the counites request to retain the additional funds, the surplus would be returned to the voters. According to the Moffat County Commissioners, the measure that was voted on in 1996 did not sufficiently address revenues collected from property taxes so these funds remain under TABOR restrictions in Moffat County. The proposal, if approved , will not increase property taxes in the county but will exempt funds generated from property taxes from TABOR regulations.

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