MOCO Looks To Control Conservation Easements

In an effort to gain more control over conservation easements issued in Moffat County, the Commissioners approved a resolution at their meeting this week establishing a process for conservation easement approval. The federal government has recently allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to go towards easements for sage grouse conservation. With the largest population of sage grouse in Colorado located in Moffat County, requests for conservation easements of this nature in the county have increased. To help protect the nearly 60,000 acres of mineral rights owned by the county from falling under control of these conservation easements, the Commissioners are requesting any easement presented to the county contain language that recognizes and protects their mineral rights. The resolution institutes a 90 day period to allow the Commissioners time to consider and approve a particular easement request. The County recognizes the rights of land owners to make their own decisions, but they are encouraging anyone considering a conservation easement to avoid making the easement permanent, and instead set a specific time period for expiration.

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