Commissioners Get Update on Swinging Bridge

MC Commissioners-150T. Wright Dickinson stopped by the Moffat County Commissioners meeting yesterday to update them on how things were going at the Swinging Bridge in Browns Park.  Last week, a new employee of Dickinson’s mistakenly drove a tractor onto the bridge, which wasn’t able to handle its weight.  The tractor fell partially through the bridge, and was left there until a way to remove it could be worked out.  It was finally removed Monday,  with help from friends neighbors and a Moffat County Road and Bridge crew.  Dickinson said the State Bridge Inspector will be out soon to determine how much damage was sustained to the bridge.  The county is hoping their insurance will cover the costs of repairs, as there is no budget for fixing it.  The commissioners passed a measure yesterday morning, closing Moffat County Road 83 at the bridge until further notice.

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