Comment On Wild Horse Trapping Near Craig

BLMThe Bureau of Land Management is accepting comments on their plan to trap horses in the Sand Wash Basin, about 45 miles west of Craig. After trapping, the BLM plans to administer fertility treatments and remove up to 50 horses from the area. The basin management plan is to keep the wild horse population below 362, currently the population exceeds 600. The BLM is planning on administering a contraceptive to mares in the herd to delay fertilization. They also plan to remove up to 50 young horses and place them into the “Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary” training, and adoption program. The final day to submit comments on the plan is this Sunday. To view the plan click here Comments can be mailed to the Little Snake Field Office at 455 Emerson St., Craig, CO 81625, or can be sent via email to


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