ColoWyo Situation Featured on Front Page of Denver Post

coloyowMoffat County’s issues with the federal government were highlighted in a front page article of yesterday’s Denver Post. The article focused on the economic make-up of Moffat County, and the hardships that would ensue if ColoWyo Mine were to shut down, and the Sage Grouse were added to the Endangered Species List. Tri-State Generation and Transmission’s importance to the area was also stressed, and there were quotes from various community leaders such as Craig Chamber Director Chris Oxley, Moffat County Commissioners John Kinkaid and Chuck Grobe, and Craig Station Manager Richard Thompson. A ruling by a federal judge earlier this year has made the mine’s future uncertain. The judge said that the Office of Surface Mining didn’t do enough to consider the impact of burning coal, when filing a permit to extract coal. Yesterday’s article also includes a quote from WildEarth Guardians’ Jeremy Nichols, who said his group’s intent is NOT to shut down the mine. That’s a different story than what he told Wild West Radio last month, when he said it was WildEarth Guardians’ intent to shut down every coal mine in the country.

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