Colorado Traffic Fatalities Up

Traffic fatalities have risen by 25% in Colorado since 2014, according to numbers released by the Colorado Department of Transportation. In 2016 there were 605 traffic fatalities on Colorado roads, an increase from the 547 fatalities which occurred in 2015. This is the first time traffic fatalities were above 600 deaths since 2005, when 605 people died in the state. CDOT’s numbers indicate one in every 33 drivers will be involved in an accident this year in Colorado. Odds of those involved in accidents surviving, increase exponentially if they are wearing seatbelts. About half of the vehicle fatalities which occurred last year involved unrestrained individuals. Motorcycle fatalities also increased last year, hitting a record high in 2016, with 125 total deaths. This represents a 50% increase in deaths from 2012, when 79 motorcycle deaths were recorded. The majority of motorcycle riders that died last year were not wearing helmets.

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