Are Regulations Negatively Affecting Business In CO

colorado-state-seal-300CEO’s from around the country have rated Colorado as the 15th best state in which to do business. In “The Best and Worse States Survey” CEO’s are asked to provide insights on factors that affect their decision on weather to do business in a state. These factors include tax and regulatory requirements, quality of workforce, and quality of living environment. Colorado’s ranking in the survey feel from 11th in the previous year to the 15th this year. According to the survey Colorado ranked well when it came to living environment and workforce quality, but the CEO’s that were polled viewed Colorado’s taxes and regulations as a deterrent to doing business in the state. According to one CEO that was polled, Colorado used to be one of the best states to do business in, but the regulatory environment has continually gotten worse for employers. He continued to say that when you combine increased regulations with the cost of living in Colorado the business environment in the state has continued to get worse. Another CEO stated that the States government needs to take a close look at its regulatory environment if the state plans on continuing to grow over the next few years. The opinions that CEO’s around the country have about Colorado are very important because they are the ones that drive investments in offices, factories and other facilities that bring jobs and money to a region.

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