Colorado Joins Petition Against Coal Regulations

Colorado has joined 12 other states including Utah and Wyoming, in a petition, asking a federal court to block the “Stream Protection Rule”, recently instituted by the Obama Administration. According to the Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation, the Stream Protection Rule looks to better protect streams, fish and wildlife from the impacts of surface coal mining operations, by providing operators a regulatory framework to help them avoid water pollution and the costs associated with water treatment. States that have joined the petition argue that the one size fits all regulations implemented by the rule, violate individual states’ rights. North Dakota’s Attorney General has also filed a separate lawsuit challenging the rule in court.  Proponents of the rule argue that it protects thousands of miles of streams by prohibiting new permits from being issued to coal producers, until the new project is evaluated, and it’s established there will be no adverse affects to the areas water supply.  The Stream Protection Rule also institutes thresholds for water pollution, and establishes a process where permits can be revised or rescinded based on the level of pollutants found in the water. When the final rule was announced Congressman Scott Tipton joined numerous other republicans in vowing to overturn the Stream Protection Rule under the incoming Trump Administration.

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