Colorado joins Lawsuit Against Obamacare

HEALTH-SYMBOL-300Colorado has joined 19 other states in a lawsuit seeking to overturn Obamacare, also knows as the Affordable Care Act.  The lawsuit contends that the Act violates the Origination Clause, due to the fact the legislation began in the Senate rather than the House.  Colorado Attorney General John Suthers filed the brief last week.  The move was somewhat of a surprise, as Colorado is one of only three states involved in the lawsuit with a Democratic Governor, and the only state running its own Obamacare Exchange.  However, Colorado was also one of 25 states to oppose the Act in a 2012 lawsuit, also aimed at dismantling the Act.  The brief argues that if allowed to stand, Obamacare would effectively render meaningless the Origination Clause, which is intended to keep the taxation power closest to the people.  Utah, Kansas, Arizona and Texas are also involved in the lawsuit.

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