Coffman Joins Fight Against Clean Power Plan

COFFMANAttorney General Cynthia Coffman has added Colorado to the growing number of states ready to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency’s unprecedented Clean Power Plan. Coffman’s announcement voiced her concern over the rule’s impact on ratepayers and the state’s economy. She said “If you make a change like the one we will see if this rule is implemented, I think it has the potential to cost jobs. I think it will impact the rates that we pay for our electricity. And I think it impacts the rights of our state government to make these decisions about how electricity is delivered.” The state’s top lawyer called the Clean Power Plan “an unprecedented attempt to expand the federal government’s regulatory control over the states’ energy economy” and said that the EPA “appears unwilling to accept limits set by Congress in the Clean Air Act.” Coffman’s decision will also help add some clarity about the legal future of the Clean Power Plan, such as whether it might be tossed by the courts before a final plan is submitted to the feds and set in motion by the state.  Pictured:  Cynthia Coffman

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