Coffman Blasts Hickenlooper Over Clean Power Opinion

COFFMANJOHN-HICKENLOOPER-300Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and State Attorney General Cynthia Coffman are at odds over President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Hickenlooper is trying to stop Coffman from suing the federal government over the plan, saying only he has the right to challenge the federal government. He believes he is the only one that gets to decide whether the state disagrees with federal policies. Coffman points out in a recent editorial though, that the state constitution clearly grants the Attorney General the ability to take independent legal action in the public interest. Hickenlooper has even threatened to file suit in the Colorado Supreme Court to prevent Coffman from taking legal action on behalf of the State without his express permission. Coffman is not backing down, and says she will continue to push back against over reaching federal regulations, as she is required to do. You can read Coffman’s full editorial by clicking here.  Pictured:  l-Cynthia Coffman; r-John Hickenlooper

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