CO Senators Weigh In On Gorsuch Confirmation

As the Supreme Court confirmation process continues for Judge Neil Gorsuch, both Colorado senators have weighed in on whether or not they support a nuclear option, when it comes to the confirmation vote.  The nuclear option would remove the filibuster from debates for Supreme Court Judge nominations and allow the Senate to vote for confirmation which would only require a simple majority.  In a release yesterday, Democrat Senator Michael Bennet stopped short of saying whether or not he would vote for Gorsuch, but said he did not support the use of a filibuster.  Bennet says the employment of the nuclear option as a result of a Democrat filibuster would only help to further politicize the Supreme Court.   Republican Senator Cory Gardner recently said he supports the use of the nuclear option with regards to Gorsuch’s confirmation, and that he expects the judge to be confirmed when the final vote is held Friday.  A Senate Committee approved Gorsuch along party lines yesterday, sending him to the full Senate for approval.  Experts believe the nuclear option will eventually have to be employed to get Gorsuch confirmed, as numbers indicate enough Democrat Senator’s support filibustering Gorsuch’s nomination.

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