Co-Op Looks For Investors To Help Transform Craig

Around 25 people attended the informational meeting last night on the Craig Moffat County Investment Cooperative. The goal of the CMC is to take economic development out of the government’s hands, giving control back to the community, making community development a grassroots effort.  The cooperative plans to use its funds to purchase and renovate underutilized business properties around Craig to transform them into successful businesses. Members of the cooperative will be able to vote on what buildings to purchase and which businesses they would like to see in the area. The group will target neglected buildings and businesses with absentee owners in an effort to make long-term investments to transform the community.  The Cooperative is currently accepting pledges to join the group. More than 25 people have already pledged to join. The goal is to have at least 80 to 100 members committed to the co-op before the group collects pledges and begins to look for its first property to purchase. The cost to become a member is $1,000, which will give the person one vote within the co-op, and make them eligible to run to be part of the Board of Directors. A copy of the pledge form is available here. For more information on the co-op, call Frank Moe at 756-7109.


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