CO Officials Talk Trump Budget Proposal

President Donald Trump released his budget for the fiscal year 2018 yesterday to mixed reviews, including those from Colorado elected officials. Proponents of the budget applauded trumps fiscal conservativeness, while opponents say the budget goes too far in cutting programs that specifically go to benefit the middle and lower class, like Medicaid. Some critics of the budget are also questioning the accuracy of its figures, claiming that some of the projections used may be overly ambitious. In a statement, U.S. Representative Scott Tipton said he welcomes the President’s input on the budgetary process and that he agrees that the federal government can not keep spending money that it doesn’t have. Tipton says it’s critical the federal government focus its resources on programs that deliver results to the American people and create new jobs, while continuing to ensure social safety nets are available for those who truly need them. Senator Michael Bennet believes the Trump budget is “completely out of step with Colorado priorities, saying that he has not heard a single Coloradan ask for cuts to health care, education or clean energy. Most seem to agree that the budget in its current form will not be passed by the senate, but will rather serve as a road-map for President Trump’s fiscal priorities.

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