CO Grocery Stores Can Now Sell Booze

liquor-storeA bill that allows grocery stores in Colorado to sell full-strength beer, wine and liquor was signed By Governor John Hickenlooper last week. The bill lays out a fairly complicated plan to phase out Colorado’s existing liquor laws over a 20 year period, putting this legislation in to full effect by the year 2037. The bill allows grocery stores to immediately purchase existing liquor licenses from liquor stores that are within 1500 feet of their property, or within 3000 feet in communities with a population of less than 10,000. If the grocery stores are able to purchase a liquor license, they could immediately sell full strength alcohol. If a liquor store within the allotted distance refuses to sell their license, the grocery store is out of luck for the time being. Additional licenses will be distributed to grocery stores over the 20 year phase in period in accordance with steps laid out in the bill, until 2037 when all grocery stores will have the ability to purchase a license to sell full strength alcohol.

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