Club 20 Meeting In Steamboat

club 20-229A CLUB 20 summer committee meeting will take place this week in Steamboat. CLUB 20 is an organization of  counties, communities, businesses, individuals and associations from Western Colorado that look to promote, and develop area resources, to support a strong economy throughout the Western Slope. The group will be discussing water issues, agriculture, public lands, natural resources and energy production. Meetings will be held Thursday and Friday at the Centennial Hall from 9 to 3:30. To register online, click here and select the events tab. You can also call Kimberly Lindsey at 717-612-2738 or 242-3264.

The schedule and agendas for the meetings are listed below.
Thursday, July 21st – 5:30-7:30PM
Mahogany Ridge Brewery
435 Lincoln Avenue,
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
RSVP to CLUB 20 is required

Day 1:  AGENDA CLUB 20 Water Committee
Thursday, July 21, 2016
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
– 9:00 am Welcome, Introductions
– 9:10 am Resolutions
– WA-11-1 Colorado River Cooperative Agreement
– WA-92-1 EPA Drinking Water Regulations
– WA-92-2 Federal Water Rights, Creating Through Permit Process
– WA-92-3 Federal Water Rights, Reserving in Wilderness Areas
– 9:30 am 2016 Legislative Recap, What did they do to us?-Chris Treese
– 10:00 am Colo River Compact issues/updates, Can we prepare for a Compact call-
Eric Kuhn
– 10:30 am Prior Appropriation, Timeless or Antiquated? Doug Kemper, George Sibley
– 11:30 am Federal updates
– 11:50am Follow-up, Action items
– 12:00 pm Adjourn

AGENDA: CLUB 20 Agriculture Committee
Thursday, July 21, 2016
12:30 – 3:30 p.m.
– 12:30pm Welcome & Introductions
– 12:45pm Irrigation Water Studies in Yampa Valley – Tim Gates, CSU Research
Project (Invited)
– 1:15pm International Trade: TPP and effects of Brixit – MSMEF Speaker – John
Hinners (invited)
– 1:45pm H2A Work Program-Nancy Fishering (Confirmed)
– 2:15pm Federal Legislative Updates- International Trade, Prepping for next Farm
Bill, Other
-Noah Koerper, Office of Senator Bennet
-Betsy Bair & Ann McCoy-Harold, Office of Senator Gardner
-Brian Meinhart, Office of Congressman Tipton
– 2:45pm Colorado Ag Leadership Program-Cathy Calderwood, Executive Director
– 3:00pm Resolutions
– 3:30 pm Adjourn

Day 2:
AGENDA: Public Lands & Natural Resources
Friday, July 22, 2016
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
– 9:00 am Introductions
– 9:15 am Resolutions for Review:
-PLNR-02-8 Lynx Reintroduction with Experimental Non-essential Designation
-PLNR-91-2 Trails, State System
-Opposing defacto Rulemaking
– 9:30 am Lynx in the National Forests- Molly Pitts, Intermountain Forest Association
-20 Minutes- Presentation
-10 Minutes- Proposed Resolution: Lynx Management in the National Forests in
– 10:00 am New BLM Regions and BLM Objectives- Ruth Welch, State Director,
Colorado Bureau of Land Management
– 11:00 am Federal Updates
-Noah Koerper, Office of Senator Bennet
-Betsy Bair & Ann McCoy-Harold, Office of Senator Gardner
-Brian Meinhart, Office of Congressman Tipton
– 11:30 Discussion: Public Lands Natural Resource Committee Goals-“Where is
the middle? Finding a pragmatic balance between conservation and use.”
– 12:00 pm Adjourn

AGENDA: CLUB 20 Energy Committee
Friday, July 22, 2016
12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
– 12:30pm Welcome and Introductions – Jerry Nettleton, Chair; Cary Baird, Vice-Chair
– 12:40pm Colorado Energy Overview – Colorado Energy Office- (Invited)
– 1:00pm Federal Update on Energy Issues
-Noah Koerper, Office of Senator Bennet
-Betsy Bair & Ann McCoy-Harold, Office of Senator Gardner
-Brian Meinhart, Office of Congressman Tipton
– 1:30pm Key Energy Issues
-Colorado Oil & Gas Association-(Invited)
-Colorado Mining Association-(Invited)
– 2:00pm USGS Survey Results and Impacts to Oil and Gas Industry
– 2:20pm Jordan Cove Update
– 2:40 pm Proposed Ballot Initiatives- #78/ #75/ #63-Christian Reece/David Ludlam
– 3:00pm Discussion: Energy Committee Top Goals- All Participants
– 3:30 pm Adjourn
Alternate Topic – BLM Coal Leasing Review and Grouse Protection



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