Clean Power Plan has Yet to be Published in Federal Register

EPA-300The Environmental Protection Agency has yet to publish its Clean Power Plan in the Federal Register, and that has states crying foul. The EPA’s rule, which limits carbon emissions from U.S. power plants and will raise electricity rates for most Americans, was finalized in August, but the agency is dragging its feet in publishing the rule. That is preventing states from mounting legal challenges to it. There are 14 states, including Colorado, that are waiting for that opportunity, and have filed Freedom of Information Act requests to find out why the delay is occurring. Those states still have to come up with plans for meeting the rule’s goals, but have no basis to challenge it, until it is published. EPA officials say the rule is so long, over 1,500 pages, that it is likely just taking more time to go over the plan, but insist they have no say in when rules get published. They expect it to happen sometime later this month.

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