Classic Air Medical to Hold Ribbon Cutting Today

craig-moffat-airportClassic Air Medical, a premier air ambulance service, will host a ribbon cutting this afternoon at the company’s newest base at the Craig-Moffat Airport. The new base, announced last month, is active and on call at all times. It’s staffed by a team of three personnel; a pilot, a flight medic, and a flight nurse. Helicopters, or rotor aircraft, are housed in nearby Steamboat and Vernal. But the airport in Craig will house a fixed wing aircraft that can make certain trips that those other aircraft can’t make in severe weather. Since it’s opening last month, the new base has already responded to dozens of calls to assist and fly out medical patients. The aircraft will service areas as far north as Rawlins, and as far south as Montrose. Both the new fixed wing aircraft and the helicopter from Steamboat will be on display at today’s ceremony, and the staff of Classic Air Medical will be available for questions. The community is invited to attend and celebrate the base. The ribbon cutting takes place at 5 this afternoon at the Craig-Moffat Airport.

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