Classic Air Houses Aircraft in Craig

classic airClassic Air Medical, a premier air ambulance service, has stationed an aircraft in Craig. The company will base a fixed wing aircraft at the Moffat County Airport. Classic Air says the advantage of housing the aircraft in Craig can be seen by the high volume of local calls that they’ve seen from the surrounding area. Their Steamboat helicopter services areas as far north as Rawlins and as far south as Montrose County. This year, the company has seen an increase in calls. The new addition of a local fixed wing will help to ensure that the flight crew can attend to patients even when weather is not appropriate for a helicopter. Weather conditions such as low cloud ceilings or high winds can affect the availability of a helicopter, but has less of an affect for the flight of an airplane. The fixed wing allows a patient to be transported by EMS from a local hospital to the nearest airport, where they can then be safely transported to the receiving hospital.

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