Clarification On Sage Grouse Conservation

sage_grouse-300In an effort To provide further clarification on their land use plan for the conservation of Greater Sage-Grouse habitat, the Bureau of Land Management released a series of what they call Instructional Memorandums.  The memorandums provide details on how the implementation of the plan will affect oil and gas leasing and development, grazing, and the collection and use of land management data, within areas where the habitat is being managed.  According to BLM Director Neil Kornze these policies were developed in coordination with stakeholders in states implementing the plan, and should allow for clear and consistent application of management activities, while providing the flexibility needed to respond to local situations and concerns.  Links to the other memorandums are available below.

Grazing Management Thresholds and Responses
Disturbance Tracking
Effectiveness Monitoring
Habitat Assessment Framework

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