Clarification On Craig Station Unit 1 Closure

Craig_StationThe future of Craig Station Unit 1 became a little clearer following Thursday nights meeting at Moffat County High School.  Mike McInnes, the CEO of Tri-State, one of the members of the Yampa Project that own Unit 1, attended the meeting to provide an explanation for the closure, and to brief the community on the Yampa Project’s plan for the future.  McInnes stressed that the agreement to close Unit 1 by the end of 2025 was the best option.  Members of the Yampa Project looked at many different options in an attempt to keep Unit 1 open, but according to McInnes none of them were cost effective.  McInnes reiterated that despite the closure the company will continue to be there to support the community moving forward.  As part of this support, the group will put together employee, community, and decommission transition teams and will also hire a transition team manager to facilitate communication between those groups and the public.  The employee transition team will work with displaced employees to help them find new jobs, while the community transition team will help Craig and Moffat County prepare for the expected economic stresses brought on by the closure.  The decommission team will continue to look at alternatives to closing Unit 1, and how to best prepare the Unit to be brought back online in the event the energy and regulatory environment shifts, making it economical to operate.

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