Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Xmas Tree fireWith the Christmas season now here, it’s important to consider how your Christmas Tree, no matter how beautiful, can present a fire safety issue in your home. A primary concern with a Christmas tree is fire danger, often brought on by the combination of electrical malfunctions and, in the case of a real tree, a dry tree. Each year fires occurring during the holiday season injure 2,600 individuals nationwide. Electrical failures or malfunctions were involved in nearly half of the fires, while about a quarter occurred because a heat source was located too close to the tree. Decorative lights with live voltage were involved in more than 20 percent of the instances. Electrical malfunctions can also ignite artificial trees and homeowners should take the same precautions in terms of tree placement and decorations as they would with a real tree. The Routt County Office of Emergency Management has made available a list of Christmas tree fire safety tips and suggestion on how to protect your pets from the dangers a Christmas tree may present to them. You’ll find more that information here.

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