Changes To Wyoming Concealed Carry Application Process

wyoming-flag-graphicThe process of obtaining a concealed firearm permit in Wyoming has changed. Concealed carry permits that use to be obtained through the local county sheriffs office now must be acquired through the states Division of Criminal Investigation. The Wyoming concealed firearm permit application can now be found online on the Division of Criminal Investigation website. To visit the website click here.  Additional information on the application process is available below. 

The Concealed Firearm Permits Page features links to the following:

  • Instructions for CFP Applicants (Non-Military)
  • Wyoming CFP Application (Non-Military)
  • Resident Wyoming Military Personnel Stationed Out of State
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Wyoming Concealed Firearm Permit Statute (Effective 07/01/2011)

To apply for a Concealed Firearm Permit, select the link “Wyoming CFP Application.”  The application can be downloaded to your computer and filled out. Four copies of the completed application form must then be printed out. (The “Wyoming CFP Application” is used for new applications as well as renewal applications.)

Payment in the proper form must accompany the completed application forms brought to the Detention Center. The fees are as follows:

New Applications – $64

Renewal Applications before the expiration date – $45

Renewal Applications after the expiration date – $55

Duplicate permit application – $5

The fees referenced above can only be in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made out to DCI or the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office. Cash, credit cards, debit cards, or personal checks are not accepted.

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