Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply

Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply

Yep, you found Murdoch’s… They are located at 2355 West Victory Way in Craig, CO 81625

Phone: 970-824-4100, Fax: 970-824-4111

The place with a wall of jeans the size of Rhode Island, and a solid country mile of barbed wire. Weve got more dog food than you can shake a stick at, and enough gloves, hats, boots, and fine clothing to fashionably accessorize half the civilized world.

And yes, that’s us with the friendly staff, and the brands that practically stand up and scream “we’re high quality and a good value to boot!” Whether you’re a cattle rancher or a kid wrangler, Murdochs Ranch & Home has something for your entire herdthat’s our thing.

Murdochs, the ranch and home supply store in Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado that carries everything from name-brand boots and clothing to panels, tools and pet supplies!

If Carhartt is the main brand in your wardrobe, if your collection of DeWalt tools can never be big enough, if you understand why only the perfect pair of Levis looks right with your Ariat boots, or if you love the look in your pets eyes when you come home with new toys or treats, youd be a great addition to the Murdochs family!