Boys and Girls Club to Take Over Lutrell Barn

boys and girls club-188The Boys and Girls Club of Craig will take over management of the Lutrell Barn. The proposal will be voted on at a later date, but the Moffat County Commissioners were agreeable to a plan that has the club using the barn as a teen center for 4 days a week. The barn would be available to rent for gatherings on the weekends. The plan may include having the Boys and Girls Club collect the rent and use it for maintenance of the building. The commissioners have given $100,000 dollars to repair the building and say there won’t be any more where that came from. Repairs will include replacing the roof and weatherizing the building. It was also suggested that, due to the bats and mice that lived in the unused building for years, the building be cleaned by a professional cleaner that can certify it is free of the type of diseases that come with those animals, including hantavirus. The plan was put together by a group of citizens who have been working to preserve the barn.

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